Although I had practiced yoga for 17 years in 2013, it wasn’t until I resigned from a job that was holding me back on many levels and began teaching yoga that I realized the full potency of my practice. The ensuing space allowed me the time and focus to align with my own power and essence in a way that I never had before, and to help other women to do the same. My husband, Michael, and I made a leap of faith and moved from East Hampton, NY to Vashon Island, WA, a beautiful, natural oasis in the Pacific Northwest, where we live in our simple, modern, dream home and studio. 

Developing a regular yoga and meditation practice increases not just flexibility, but even more importantly, emotional energy, focus, presence and a sense of calm, centered awareness that is life changing. So many of us put so much pressure on ourselves to 'do'; increasingly, the importance of slowing down, stretching deeply and learning to relax allows us to 'be.' I was trained in and enjoy Vinyasa yoga, but am studying Yin Yoga and finding this style of yoga to be very beneficial in our chaotic world.

Nurturing your relationship with yourself through slowing down and practicing mindful yoga creates the space for your health and happiness to flourish.

As a former librarian and avid follower of personal growth books and podcasts, I also love to recommend titles and other resources that I believe may help others in achieving their goals and desires.

By creating spaciousness in our mind and body through breath and mind/body awareness, we can create spaciousness that aligns our inner and outer worlds. I love what Colleen Saidman Yee says in her 2015 book, Yoga for Life:

"Yoga is about the search for space, physically and emotionally...We are already home, we just don't know it."

I received my 200-hour yoga teacher certification at KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, NY, studying with Jessica Bellofatto and Lois Nesbit. 


Some of the other wonderful mentors who have helped guide me on my yoga business journey:

Justin Michael Williams/Karen Mozes: Business of Yoga

Racheal Cook: Conscious Business Design

Cailen Ascher: Clarity Coach

Francesca Cervero: Science of the Private Lesson

Kisma Orbavich: Illumination Academy